Photographs play an essential role in our life. They make us remember the sweet moments of our lives that we never want to forget. Capturing beautiful moments, people and places of our lives is indeed the most amazing thing to do, as it makes us look back on our past with the people and places we love the most.

In the present era, everybody with a smartphone or digital camera can take photos. Thanks to smartphone camera apps and tonnes of filters that enable everyone to become a photographer instantly. However, there is a huge difference between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer. The photos taken by someone on a smartphone or a simple digital and the ones taken by a professional photographer on a high-quality professional camera have a clear-cut difference between them. 

As a professional photographer at Ritzy Studios, I will tell you about some of the pinpoint differences between a professional and an amateur photographer.


The first important thing to notice is that a professional photographer always has his equipment ready. You would be wondering here about the equipment needed for a professional photography session. For professional photography, the following equipment is essential to have.

  • A high-quality professional camera.
  • Camera bag for storage.
  • A tripod.
  • Different types of lenses.
  • Speed lights.
  • Backup System.
  • A computer or a laptop for editing purposes.

These are some of the basic materials for professional photography. Professional photographers have all of these materials in check at all times.

Amateur photographers, on the other hand, do not consider these materials important. They do not invest in a good camera or lighting, two of the most essential things related to photography. Therefore, amateur photographers fail to capture high-quality professional photographs.


In terms of experience, professional photographers are obviously at the top. Professional photographs work with many clients throughout their careers for their events and know their needs well. They know how to make their clients pose for the photographs. They are always guiding their clients about the poses for capturing amazing photographs. They also know how to capture natural photographs at events as they have a keen eye and are always observing.

An amateur photographer lacks experience. They have not worked with many clients and do not know much about different poses as they are mostly on their own, out in the streets to take photographs. It would not be wrong to say here that they mostly treat photography as a hobby.


A professional photographer is always on time, be it on your event or sending you your edited pictures. They value time and do not waste it. Such photographers do their work diligently and never disappoint you.

Amateur photographers usually do not value time. They will mostly be late with their work that is not even high quality. Such photographers should not be trusted for your important events.

A professional photographer makes photography his career and an amateur photographer treats photography as his hobby. This is the biggest difference between the two. It is important to note here that there is nothing wrong with taking photography as a hobby. However, if you want somebody to capture professional and high-quality pictures of your beautiful moments, you should always go for a professional photographer. Check us out RitzyStudio Photo + Video.