The wedding day is the most beautiful day in the life of a man and a woman. It is a day that you are going to remember throughout your life. You are going to look naturally glowing and radiant because you will be happy and excited to be united with the love of your life. It is going to be only one day of raw emotions and feelings. You will not want to forget this day. It is only possible through photography. When you will look at your wedding photographs, you will feel a surge of emotions and happiness run through you. The beautiful moments captured will get your memories refreshed and make you feel warm inside.

All men and women want to look their best on their special day. However, not everybody is comfortable in his or her own bodies. There is always a part of their body that they wished to be perfect. They would like to look perfectly fit in their photographs. Luckily, it is possible for everyone to look slim in his or her wedding photographs. It is all about poses. As a professional photographer, let me tell you the ways you can look smarter in your wedding photographs.


Double chin is a woman’s worst nightmare. You would not want to see your double chin in your wedding photographs, right? There is an easy trick to conceal it. Pose by raising your chin a little and sticking your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Tilt your head slightly towards your right or left. This way, you will create an illusion of not having a double chin and your photographs will turn out perfect.

  •  ARMS

Arms can look really fat in a wedding dress. However, there are certain tricks that are going to make your arms look slimmer. Keep your arms away from your body when being photographed. Never stick your arms close to your body, as it will make your upper arms look bigger. I would suggest you keep your arms to your front on your waist or stomach. They should be a little bent. This will give your arms a slimmer look.

  • FACE

If you are insecure about your chubby face then I have a trick for you. Never look with your straight towards the camera lens. It is important to tilt your head slightly towards your left or right. This will make you look slimmer. Try to bring out your natural smile. Feel the joy and emotions and it will come on your lips naturally. 


The most important thing to consider when being photographed is posture. You need to get your posture right in order to look slimmer. Relax your shoulders, keep them back and pose. If you are insecure about your belly fat then you should hold the flowers in front of it. This pose will keep your arms away from your body as well as hide your belly fat.

It is not always important to look directly into the camera lens. You can look away from the lens and create a candid photograph.  Side poses are really going to help define your jawline and nose Just keep your head and shoulders straight, be confident and natural and pose!