Indian weddings are famous for various occasions and the celebrations last for several days. What makes traditional Indian weddings famous is music. The music plays a key role in making the wedding events sensational. No Indian wedding is complete without some Bhangra and Dhol. 

Entertaining guests is considered to be very important in Indian households. It is the key essence of Indian traditional wedding events. Whether it is dance or just some music playing, the entertainment in a traditional Indian wedding never stops.

You must be wondering which musicians should you book for your wedding events and whether they will be experienced or not. But don’t worry, we have sorted out for you the best DJs, MCs, dance groups and drummers that are going to rock your wedding and get everybody on the dance floor, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Nachda Punjab are New Zealand based event planners that provide services like bhangra dancers, drummers, MCs and a lot more. Bhangra dancing is the true essence of Indian weddings. Therefore, the bhangra dancers and drummers provided by Nachda Punjab will make everybody dance on the beat of their drums.

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When it comes to entertaining the guests, nobody does it better than Mr. MC. The team works together to have everything run smoothly and makes sure that the guests are entertained and relaxed. They will carry out your event in a well-organised manner and will be extremely friendly while interacting with the guests.


No Indian wedding event is complete without the presence of an experienced DJ that knows how to get everybody on the floor. DJ Gabbroo is one of the best Djs in Auckland that does his work perfectly. He knows how to keep people entertained and makes them have a blast all night long. Contact : Manish – 0275560755


Traditional Indian weddings are entertaining and full of fun because of the presence of traditional bands and dhol drummers. The beat of the drum makes every Indian get on the dance floor. The drummers also make a blast with the groom’s arrival.

It is true that entertaining the guests on your wedding events feels a little daunting. However, booking these amazing DJs, dancers, and dhol drummers, the guests will be well entertained and your event will be a success. You can also have a dance-off between the bride’s side or the groom’s side to make things more fun. Make sure to choose some fresh and fun songs for the dance-offs and rock your wedding!