Every woman is well aware of the overwhelming feeling of looking flawless on her wedding day. It is only natural to have all these feelings before your big day and that makes you plan your look accordingly. Your makeup is going to have a great effect on your final look so it is important to choose how you want your makeup artist to do your makeup that day. More importantly, it is essential to take care of your skin beforehand to have a flawless-looking makeup on your big day.

We have gathered some tips and tricks from some of the best Auckland based makeup artists that will help you look gorgeous on your big day!


Glamorous Makeup – NISHA – 0211145777
  • Always scrub your face and lips prior to makeup application for a smooth finish.
  • It is very important to wash and dry your hair properly for a perfect hairstyle.
  • Focus on looking gorgeous. Do not take calls from anyone while getting ready. It can be quite stressful and will lead to time-wasting.

Bridal Beauty NZ

Bridal Beauty NZ – Dipal Solanki – 02102528478
  • Get a facial done about 2-3 weeks before your wedding day. Getting it done close to your wedding day will only promote breakouts and we definitely do not want that.
  • Get your makeup done at least 3 hours before the actual ceremony for your photographer to take your individual as well as family photos. If you get your makeup done from a professional makeup artist, it will last for about 9-12 hours. Remember, this day won’t come again!
  • Always get a trial done by your makeup artist first so you both know if you are on the right track.
  • Do not go overboard with your makeup on your big day. You should still love your wedding photos when you look at them after 10 years. You must stick with fresh skin and neutral eyeshadows.
  • Try not to wash your hair on the wedding day as it will style better like that.

Raina’s Artistry

Raina’s Artistry – RAINA – 0273591113
  • Don’t try any new makeup look or hairstyle on your big day. Just stick to what suits you and is trendy as well. You would want to look like a timeless bride. Sometimes, it is better to look simple and elegant than looking rich and rowdy.
  • Do not try any new skin or hair cut and color treatments close to your big day. I have seen brides trying a new facial close to their wedding day and getting breakouts. The same goes for haircut and color treatment. If you want it then get it done a month before your big day
  • Relax, enjoy and be stress-free. There will be overwhelming feelings and hiccups and sometimes it will be inevitable. But remember, it is your big day and you would want to remember all the happy things. Surround yourself with your family, friends and positive vibes only. You are about to enter the next stage of your life and it is going to be amazing.

On your special day, your makeup is definitely going to play a vital part as it directly affects the photographs. As a professional photographer, I will suggest you get your makeup and hair done from a professional makeup artist. You definitely do not want your pictures to come out horrible if your makeup does not last long. Getting ready from a professional makeup artist will make your makeup stay for hours without even the need of touching up. This will help with the photos turning out to be flawless and make you happy every time you look at your wedding photos.