A photographer is someone you’d be spending most of the time with on your big day, more than any of your relatives or your friends. It’s a fact that you’d be feeling a little anxious in choosing your perfect photographer because it definitely is not an easy task. You’re also not experienced enough to be choosing a photographer right away by just looking at them. It’s your big day and you’d want every moment captured perfectly without fail. It’s natural for you to feel anxious and stressed. However, we’re here to reduce your stress and help you out with the best way to choose a photographer that meets all your needs!

Now, unlike flower vendors or caterers, you won’t be provided something solid that you can solely rely on by photographers. Even if you go through the portfolio, there’s no guarantee that they’d be able to offer you the same quality. So, how would you find a photographer that suits your needs as well as does not require you to empty your bank account and make you broke? How would you look for a photographer that has it in him to cover every emotion on the event flawlessly?

In Auckland, you’d find a bunch of photographers to choose from. At RitzyStudio Photo + Video, we have compiled a list of tips for you that’ll help you choose your photographer without making last-minute hasty decisions. That’ll save you from a lot of trouble. Read on to know about the tips we have for you.

1 Decide Your Wedding Style and Choose Your Photographer Accordingly

First of all, you need to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. Decide your venue style and decoration first. After you’re done with that, look for the photographer that offers the kind of photography that goes well with the venue.

There are a bunch of different photography styles like bold style, edgy style, documentary style, portrait style, and many more. Talk to your photographer about the kind of style you want to stick to and ask for his opinion on that. He’d be able to give you better options since he’s a professional. Always listen to the professionals!

Pro Tip: Decide your style according to your budget.

2 Do Your Research

Almost all photographers have their social media accounts and even websites. You need to first look for the photographers in your area and then go through their profiles and websites. By going through their website, you’d have a better understanding of how they work and the quality of their work. The website’s design might also be an indicator of that photographer’s personality and overall aesthetics. Carefully go through everything and make your decision accordingly.

Pro Tip: Don’t waste your energy and time on a photographer who’s not affordable for you.

3 Portfolio Check

There’s nothing more important than checking the portfolio of a professional photographer before choosing them for your big day. The photographer must have a bunch of material to show you. That’s how you’d get to know how confident he is with his work.

It’s better for you if you follow them on social media and also go through their website. Get to know their work, read their blogs, and know more about them like that. You can also have a better understanding of their style and choose the kind of photography style you want to have by looking at their portfolio and checking their website.

Pro Tip: Take your time and go through the photographs until you’re satisfied.

4 Go Through Some Albums

It is very important to you to go through the albums in the hard form that the photographer has along with the digital ones. You cannot really decide which photographer to choose by only looking at the digital photographs. There might be a chance that the quality of the albums in hard form is not as good as the digital photographs they’re showing you. If that’s the case, then you need to rethink your decision. It’ll save you from a lot of trouble.

It’s always good to ask them to show you some albums that are similar to the setting you’re going to have for your wedding. For example, if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, don’t just look at their indoor wedding albums. Ask them to show you some of the albums they’ve made for outdoor weddings. In this way, you’d be able to understand their photography style better. Don’t just rely on only one source.

Pro Tip: You might feel tired of looking at the photos but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

5 Go For Full-Time Photographers

It’s important to note here that there’s a huge difference between “seasoned photographers” and “weekend photographers”. The “weekend photographers might not be able to give you the quality you require and even fail to invest the time needed for perfect results. Therefore, always go for full-time photographers who love their work and can provide you with the best possible results because they’re veterans in their field. They’d be able to offer you a wide range of services that the “weekend photographer” won’t.

Pro Tip: Seasoned Artists are not driven by monetary gains and love what they do.

6 Have A Meeting With The Photographer

You need to at least meet your photographer in person once before your big day to discuss everything in detail. Ask your photographer questions like who is going to cover the whole function? What kind of equipment are they going to carry with them?

It’s not always only one photographer covering the whole. He might have some people helping him out with the separate shoots for the bride and the groom. Talk to the whole team individually for better understanding and be vocal about what kind of photo shoot you would like. Discussing everything in detail prior to your big day will benefit you a lot.

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy and ask everything you have in mind about your photographer’s services.

7 Break the Ice

Now, we don’t often try to befriend our photographers and keep the relationship as professional as possible. However, it is important to note that you’d be spending most of the time with your photographers on your big day. So, isn’t it better to have someone around you with whom you’re not all awkward and shy? Being awkward with your photographers might be a problem when they’re doing your photoshoot.

Therefore, try to break the ice and befriend your photographer. You can also tell him about your preferences and aesthetic styles for him to understand things better like that. It’s always good to be vocal about what you want. Do it in a friendly way!

Pro Tip: You don’t have to be so nervous and struggle to make the photographer your best friend. It’s okay to just bond over certain things and befriend them.

8 Choosing A Package

Your photographer will have a bunch of packages to offer you for your big day. The packages may include pre-wedding shoot, post-wedding shoot, special effects, retouching, albums, and much more. Carefully think about what kind of package will suit you best for your day and go for it. You can also ask for your photographer’s opinion on that. After building a trustworthy relationship with your photographer, he’d be able to guide you better with all the things you need and will offer the best possible results. 

ProTip: Double-check everything on your package. You’d want everything according to the things mentioned on the package on your big day.

9 Discuss The Postproduction Details

Now, you can’t expect your photographer to deliver your photographs the next day of your event. Most photographers take at least a month to prepare everything. It requires a lot of effort in getting done with everything. The photographs in raw form are not perfect. The size of the raw images is bigger than your average JPG. It takes a long time for them to upload the photographs, correct them and make their quality better. It’s definitely not a 2-day work. You need to be very patient with that if you want your photographs to turn out perfect.

 You need to ask your photographs about the quantity of the photographs, their resolution, and your rights to the photographs as we’ve explained earlier. You can also ask them about the retouching and special effects options if they have them to offer you.

Pro Tip: We recommend you to not ask your photographer to send you the Raw Pictures. You definitely don’t want to burden yourself with unnecessary gigabytes.


Remember that it’s your big day and it will not come again and again. Therefore, you need to relax and put some trust in your photographer. Stressing out and becoming anxious about your photoshoot on your big day will do you no good and will only be a hindrance in the process.

I’m sure if you follow all the tips that we have for you, you’d be able to find a perfect photographer that will cover your event flawlessly. You’d be able to look back at the memories through the photographs and albums with a big smile.

At RitzyStudio Photo+Video, we offer the best and affordable wedding packages with beautifully crafted photographs. We’re confident in our work and will create beautiful memories of your big day that you’d look back to with a smile!