The wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day in the life of a couple. It is supposed to be a peaceful event and always pleasant to reminisce about. Unfortunately, in the present era, wedding ceremonies have become so noisy and stuffy because of the disturbing trend of taking pictures of everything and uploading them on social media.

This trend has made it very difficult for the actual professional photographers you paid to capture your precious moments in peace. The unnecessary noise and the flash of the cameras of the guests are very distracting for the photographers as well as the bride and groom. Therefore, the idea of ‘Unplugging your wedding’ seems viable for carrying out a peaceful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

The concept is to politely request your guests to turn off their electronics during the ceremony and leave the documentation to the professional photographers. You would not like to see your guests blocking the way of the photographers who are there to take your perfect shots. Most people are not going to like the idea but at least some of them are going to understand that you do not want them to disrupt the photographers and that is going to help a lot.

Some couples allow turning on the electronics, letting the guests take their own photos and that is totally fine. They are attending an event and they should be able to enjoy themselves and document it on social media if they want to. It is important to make sure that they do not disturb the photographers though. 

Unplugged Wedding (Suggestion)

Here are a few things you can do to before your wedding ceremony to get people on board with your decision:

1 – Tell your guests beforehand that you have decided to carry out an unplugged wedding. This will help you see the reaction of your guests beforehand and there will be no disasters during the wedding ceremony.

2 – Try to explain to your guests the reason behind your decision. You are obviously doing it because you want to remember this day in your good memories by letting professional photographers capture your precious moments. Explain to your guests that they will end up frustrating the photographers if they keep coming in the way and that will make the wedding ceremony distasteful.

3 – Set up a photo booth for your guests. They will be able to take their photos home and will not feel about not being able to turn on their phones and cameras either.


An unplugged wedding is definitely going to bring out people’s raw emotions because they will not be looking at their phones all the time, The photographers shall be able to capture beautiful moments and genuine emotions without getting disrupted or disturbed and everyone, including you, will be happy. Therefore, consider planning your unplugged wedding now!